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Switching to natural deodorant

When I first looked into the ingredients found in conventional deodorants, I knew I couldn’t continue to use it. But I’ve tried natural deodorant before, and it just didn’t work for me. I needed to know more. I needed a recipe that worked.

What I learned was interesting everyone’s body chemistry is different. Your personal body odor is affected by many things, your diet, your hormones, your genetics, your lifestyle, how your feeling, even what your wearing.

Why do we smell?

Our bodies are covered with trillions of little microbes, which are super important and are one of your skin’s first defenses against infection. The microbes don’t smell until they mix with your sweat. The glands in your underarm produce sweat that contain fat and protein. The microbes feed off the proteins and fats and break them down and the bi-product is the odor you smell.

OK Great, how does that help?

Most natural deodorant is made with Baking Soda, which changes the pH of you underarm and makes it more alkaline, creating an environment where the microbes don’t thrive. Arrowroot Powder soaks up excess sweat, reducing the amount available to microbes to feed on and essential oils like Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemon and Bergamot are also naturally antibacterial.

Common drawbacks and solutions when switching to natural deodorant:

Help, I’m sweating soo much!

Sweating is a healthy and normal. Natural deodorants don’t contain any nasty ingredients, it won’t interfere with your body’s natural processes.

After making the switch from conventional deodorant or antiperspirant, you may be extra sweaty as your body rids itself of toxins (also known as a pit detox). This can last up to 6 weeks, but once its complete, you may find that you sweat less than you did before.

Yuk I stink – Natural deodorant just doesn’t work for me.

Most natural deodorants use Baking Soda which is a natural deodoriser, and just like the sweat issue above, you may find you are more smelly during when you initially switch to using natural deodorant. But, like above this is not long lasting and once you get though the detox phase you may smell better than ever.

  • Still stinky? Maybe check in with your diet and exercise regimes, they can have an impact on you bodys chemistry.

Ouch my armpits are irritated.

Sometimes people experience irritation from baking soda as it is slightly grainy and alkaline. In most cases this is because it can take your armpits a bit of tine to adjust.

You may be using too much, natural deodorant is all killer, no filler so you only need 2 swipes.

You may need to give your pits a day to heal after irritation appears, drink a bunch of water, get some exercise and try again in a few days. 

 If irritation persists or becomes painful, please discontinue use, you may need to try a product that doesn’t contain Baking Soda.

 Um, my armpits are getting dark 

This can happen to some people, its painless and reversible, but not what you want during summer-time.

You skin will return to its normal colour when you discontinue use of any products containing Baking Soda, it may even return over time if you continue use.

You can also try a simple exfoliating by mixing lemon juice and sugar and gently rubbing during your shower.

Great my clothes are getting marked. 

Staining is a rare and unfortunate result of using a deodorant made with lovely natural oils.

In most cases the user is applying too much deodorant, natural deodorant is very concentrated, made with only a few pure ingredients and no cheap fillers. Two light swipes are all that’s required, which usually isn’t enough to leave a mark. Making sure your armpits are dry and your deodorant soaks in before getting dressed can also help.

However, some cloths are particularly vulnerable to oil stains especially tops that cling tightly to the underarm.  As the stains are oil-based they generally come out in the washing machine.