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Our Story

Banksia Lane artisan handcrafted natural products are individually made fresh for you with love and healing natural ingredients. There are no harmful chemicals, no fillers or synthetic fragrances, artificial colours or preservatives.

I use organic cold pressed oils that have been botanically infused with flowers and herbs that contain potent healing properties as the base for our products. I use a slow method infusion which takes weeks to complete and is a gentle way of maintaining the integrity of the nutrients, essential oils, vitamins and healing properties of the botanicals.

I began my journey into natural products as a way to go green in more aspects of my life. I was using natural cleaning products in my kitchen and bathroom but using products of my face and body that contained mostly water petrol-chemicals.

 After researching some of the ingredients found in cosmetics (including for babies and children) and finding out what they were and what they can do to us, and then these chemicals washing down the sink into our waterways, there was no going back to using them.

So, I read books, blogs, completed online courses in herbal skincare and slowly began experimenting with making my own recipes. I couldn’t believe how amazing using these natural products made my skin and body feel, they were better than anything I had ever brought. It was also such a positive feeling knowing that I wasn't sending anything harmful down the sink. I'm very proud of our products and I cant wait to share them with you.

xoxo Allis